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Getting a ROM image

If you are unable to follow these instructions, I am unable to help you. You need some computer experience to do this. I take no responsability for the programs which can be downloaded here and I provide no support for them. You may want to visit Downloading a ROM image on ticalc.org for more information about getting a ROM image.


You need a computer to calculator link cable - See the Linking section on www.ticalc.org for more information.

Computer software

Get a link software which can receive raw data.

  • GraphLink cable: ROM dumper by Randy Gluvna
  • Serial cable: getrom by Owen Evans
  • Parallel cable: Dumpxp by by Nate Goergen

TI-82 software

Install Ash first, then ROM82. Start Ash and select ROM Dumper.

  • Ash 3.0 by Mattias Lindqvist & Dines Justesen.
  • ROM82 by Randy Gluvna

TI-83 software

Start ROM83 like this: Send(9prgmROM83

Note for TI-83 Plus owners
CalcEm has not been tested with the TI-83 Plus and no information for dumping TI-83 Plus ROM is available here. Please visit www.ticalc.org for the latest information on emulating the TI-83 Plus.

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